in the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful

my b-log.. something that i always wanted to do many years back while sitting on my office chair staring throuh my pc game monitor and thought.. i dont have time for this.. yet

many moon has pass and today, 8th ramadhan, friday, lazing mode, my ever supportive graceful wife blow the siren and utter ‘sayang, ur lazy’.. unfazed by her word motion i grab the ipad and thought i shud blog.. shud i? or shudnt i? is blogging beneficial? if it does.. to who? and if it doesnt, why doesnt it? many still blogging so it  must be good.. or many has quit since..

i pick challengenontheless because its the first thing crosses my head that made sense of a title.. and b logging is a challenge simply bcoz i dont really write.. id take more swing of my machete than stroke of the pen, keyboard in this case..

here, i will write what ever i like, how ever i like, to who ever i like, to which ever i like and to.. as long its beneficial and not resulting in causing more turmoil to a single person if not the entire planet population..

with these i end my entree.. wassalamu